Fast Cooling Fan for Car (360 Degree Rotatable)

Fast Cooling Fan for Car (360 Degree Rotatable)

During this summer you can increase the airflow inside your car with the help of this dual cooling fan that comes with a USB port. Generally, our car AC blower is not that effective to spread air in all directions. This portable cooling fan can solve this problem easily and you can also use this fan at home and in offices. 

The installation process is very easy, it comes with a strong adhesive tape that you can use to fix this cooling fan on the dashboard of the car.  You will also get 2-speed options that you can use according to your requirement and the head of the cooling fan is adjustable, which means you can rotate it in any direction for optimum cooling. 

Features of Fast Cooling Fan for Car

  1. It comes with a Dual Fan with 360 Rotation.
  2. This fan improves air circulation in your car.
  3. Easily install on the car dashboard.
  4. It comes with 2-speed options.
  5. This fan creates low noise and enhances AC cooling.
  6. Easy adjustable in any direction.
  7. It consumes low power and eco friendly.
  8. You can use this fan in Cars, Home, Desk and Office, etc.
  9. The weight of the product is 361 grams.

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