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Car Shape Mobile Holder for cars and SUV

Car Shape Mobile Holder for cars and SUV

This is the most stylish car shape mobile holder that you can buy online. It can be placed on the dashboard of any car and SUV. It is made up of high-quality ABS material and you can attach any mobile phone to it. This car-shaped mobile holder Can Be rotated 360 degrees and is easy to navigate while driving. There is rubber padding on both sides to hold your phone security.

The bottom area is made up of sticky Silicone material for excellent grip on the dashboard. It can be removed easily and relocate. More feature and specification about this car accessory is listed below.

Features of Car Shape Mobile Holder

  1. It can be installed in any car and SUV.
  2. This can hold any mobile size. 
  3. You can rotate it in 360 directions.
  4. Made up of  High-Quality Tpu Material.
  5. Easy remove from the dashboard with no stain.
  6. The bottom is made up of Sticky Silicone Material.
  7. It is helpful to navigate while driving.
  8. The weight of the product is 240 grams.

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