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    Waterproof Mobile Pouch for underwater photos and videos

    Waterproof Mobile Pouch for underwater photos and videos

    This Waterproof Mobile Pouch is useful to take underwater photos and videos. It comes sealed with a locking mechanism to protect your mobile from dust, snow, and water up to 100 feet underwater. This case is 100% transparent from both sides, so you can operate your mobile easily and click crystal clear photos. It comes with a neck strap to securely hold your mobile phone close to your body. This mobile pouch is compatible with all mobile phones having a screen size of up to 7 inches.

    This Waterproof Mobile Pouch also be used as a waterproof dry bag to keep a wallet, credit card, passport, cash, and other important documents securely. More features and specifications about this product are listed below.

    Features of Waterproof Mobile Pouch 

    1. It is perfect for underwater mobile photography.
    2. 100 feet IP68 certified waterproof rating.
    3. It is Touch-friendly to operate mobile.
    4. This pouch has a Secure seal 
    5. This pouch fits all smartphones up to a 7" screen size.
    6. The online rating is 4.1 out of 5.
    7. The weight of the product is 50 grams.
    8. It comes with 6 months of warranty.

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