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    Automatic Fish Food Dispenser

    Automatic Fish Food Dispenser

    This automatic fish food dispenser is perfect for those who have an aquarium In their home, offices, and workplace. It helps to dispense the food automatically according to the preset time. This food timing machine also has a LED display that shows all the related information and also indicates when the battery is getting low.

    Suppose, if you are going out of your house for a longer period of time then this small machine will take care of your fish. It dispenses food at a fixed time so that your fish will stay healthy. This automatic food dispenser machine is made up of high-quality material and compact in size. More features and specification about this product is listed below and you can also check the latest price from the Amazon website.

    Features of Automatic Fish Food Dispenser 

    1. You can preset food quantity and dispense timing.
    2. It can be refilled without disassembling this gadget.
    3. This machine can do mixing and crumbling food.
    4. It also indicates when its battery getting low.
    5. This Fish food dispenser has an LCD screen that displays all information.
    6. It can be used as an automatic and manual according to requirement.
    7. The weight of the product is 200 grams.
    8. It is used for stick, flake, and powder food.
    9. The automatic Fish Food Dispenser is Powered by 2 batteries.
    10. Compact design which is space-saving for your aquarium.

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