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    Best Shape and Dimension Measurement Equipment

    Best Shape and Dimension Measurement Equipment

    This is the best dimension measuring equipment which is useful to measure all the objects accurately.  It also has a built-in scale to measure dimensions in centimeters and inches. This measuring equipment is perfect for  Carpet fitting, Floor panel fitting, Tiles, fireplace decoration, pipes fittings, Scribing baseboard on steps, and any other repairing job that needs transfer shape. 

    This dimension measuring equipment is made up of high-quality ABS material with an aluminum casing.  it is considered to be a durable product and very lightweight to carry anyway you want.  The main purpose to design this equipment is to measure irregularly shaped objects. More features and specification about this equipment is listed below.

    Features of Dimension Measurement Equipment

    1. Made up of high-quality ABS material 
    2. Size: 27.5 cm X 10 cm X 2.5 cm.
    3. Ideal for fitting tiles, laminate, and carpet.
    4. This contour gauge is useful to measure any shape and Dimension.
    5. Best to measure the shape of irregular objects.
    6. Save Time and Efficiency.
    7. It helps to remove errors in measurement.
    8. heavy duty aluminum alloy core.
    9. Lightweight and easy to operate.
    10. Useful for Carpet fitting, Floor panel fitting, and Fireplace decoration.
    11. The weight of the product is 390 grams.

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