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    Best Wifi Surveillance Camera System (Wireless)

    Best Wifi Surveillance Camera System (Wireless)

    This is the best wifi surveillance camera for homes and offices. It is small in size, wireless, and comes with a night vision feature. You can also watch live video surveillance on your mobile phone at any location via wifi. It also has an expandable memory card slot to record video 24/7. This wireless security system is also capable to detect any motion and send alerts on mobile apps with pictures. You can connect this camera with your mobile app to access all features. 

    This wifi surveillance camera is useful for homes, offices, construction sites, classes, school buses, and cars. It is capable to record 1080p HD video with a wide-angle effect to capture a larger area. It is considered to be the best in-house camera. More features and specs about this camera are listed below.

    Features of Wifi Surveillance Camera System

    1) HD night vission camera

    This Wi-Fi surveillance camera can record videos during the night Because it is equipped with infrared night lights. Built in 6 infrared lights for a clear display in low light condition. The camera quality is really amazing and motion detection also works really well during the night.

    2) Motion detection feature

    This Surveillance Camera has a motion detection feature. Once a motion is detected, the camera will send a notification with images to your phone. It can also set motion detection records to SD cards. There are three levels of detection sensitivity, which you can set. You can also set up a protected area within the perspective range.

    3) Long battery life

    It has a longer battery life and can be easily charged with the help of a USB cable

    4) Wireless Wifi

    This security surveillance camera can be connected with Wi-Fi so that you can watch a live view on your mobile phone at any location. You have to download the mobile application of this camera how to operate all the features.

    5) HD Video Quality

    This mini Wi-Fi camera is capable to record HD video with 1080 p resolution. It stores all the recorded video into the micro SD cards so that you can watch it later

    6) Compact size

    This security surveillance camera is very compact in size (1.73” only) And the installation process is very easy because it has a magnetic back so that you can directly stick this on any metallic surface.

    7) Expandable memory

    This camera has a memory card slot which means you can extend its memory and store more footage according to your requirement.

    8) Live video surveillance

    You can also watch live videos on your mobile phones but for this, you have to connect this camera with Wi-Fi so that it can transmit live videos to your smartphone at the same time.  You can use this camera in a variety of places like home, offices, classrooms, and in your car.

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