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    Digital air pump for Car (Fast & Automatic)

    Digital air pump for Car (Fast & Automatic)

    Tyre Inflator is a must-have accessory for cars. It is compact, lightweight, and suitable for all cars and SUVs. This inflator has a few unique features like a digital display, auto cut and LED torch to work during the night. In terms of specs, it has a 120W powerful motor that can generate a high PSI value to inflate any tyre more quickly. It also comes with a 1-year of warranty. More features and specs are given below. 

    There are a few benefits of having a tyre inflator in your car.  

    1.  It improves fuel efficiency. 
    2. Increase Car tyre life.
    3. Useful in any emergency situation.
    4. It can be useful for Cars, Bikes and Toys.

    Features to Digital air pump for Car

    1. It is compatible with sedans, hatchbacks, and SUV cars.
    2. This tyre inflator has an auto-cut feature to fill desired tyre pressure.
    3. The big digital display shows all information PSI value.
    4. It has a powerful motor of 120W.
    5. You will also get 4 Meters (13.12 feet) long cable.
    6. It has Silicon Leg Pads that reduce Vibrations.
    7. This tyre inflator also has an LED light.
    8. 12-volt input socket is compatible with all cars and SUVs.
    9. The online rating is 4.3 out of 5.
    10. It is compact and lightweight ‎(900 g only).
    11. You will also get a 1-year of warranty with this product.

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