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    Electric Skateboard RC (High speed up to 40 km/h)

    Electric Skateboard RC (High speed up to 40 kmh)

    Electric skateboard is a perfect way of transport in the City.  It can go up to 35 km after a full charge. This skateboard can achieve a high speed of 40 km per hour and is capable to climb 20 degrees elevation easily. You will also get a remote control to operate this skateboard in forwarding and backward directions. 

    This electric skateboard has a built-in battery of 7500 which takes 4 hours to complete charge. It has a dual 450-watt powerful motor that provides good torque and good ride quality.  You can easily charge this electric skateboard in your home, office, workplace with the help of a charger it comes with. More feature and specification about this gadget is listed below and you can also check the latest price from the Amazon website.

    Features of Electric Skateboard 

    1. High performance, corrosion resistance, not easy to break, 
    2. This electric skateboard is made up of high compressive strength material.
    3. It comes with a wireless remote transmission to control its functions.
    4. This skateboard is corrosion resistance and long-lasting.
    5. It can bear a maximum load of 150 KG.
    6. It can move forward and backward directions.
    7. It also has a dual drive mode for high performance.
    8. The maximum speed it can achieve is 40 Kilometers per Hour.
    9. It can go 35 KM after a full charge.
    10. It can easily climb 20° elevation.
    11. It has a 450Wx2 powerful motor.
    12. The battery capacity is 7500mAh.
    13. It takes 4 hours to complete the charge.

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