Automatic Screwdriver with LED light and 10 bits

Wireless Electric Screwdriver with LED light and 10 bits

This is an Automatic Screwdriver and you can simply charge it with a power adapter it comes with. This tool is convenient for professional electricians who tighten and loosen the screw many times in a row. This electric screwdriver has forward and reverses features with 7 torque adjustments. You will also get 10 pcs of bits that can be used according to the shape of the screw. 

This wireless screwdriver is compact, lightweight, and has 2 position handle option. It also comes with one year of warranty and is considered to be a highly durable product. More feature and specification about this gadget is listed below and you can also check the latest price from the Amazon website.

Features of wireless electric screwdriver

  1. This electric screwdriver can be easily charged.
  2. It comes with 10 pieces of Accessory Bits.
  3. Portable and easy to use for professional work.
  4. You can set 7 torque positions according to your usage.
  5. It can go forward and reverse to tighten or loose the screw.
  6. The rubber grip feels comfortable and prevents slipping.
  7. You can also adjust the handle in 2 positions.
  8. The online rating is 3.9 out of 5.
  9. The weight of the product is 600 grams.
  10. It comes with a 1-year of warranty.
  11. It also has an LED light that helps during the night.

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