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Powerful Electric Screwdriver You Need for Daily DIY Tasks

Powerful Electric Screwdriver You Need for Daily DIY Tasks

This is a powerful electric screwdriver that you can use for your daily DIY tasks at home. It rotates at 200 RPM and comes with dual functions for fasten or unfasten screws. This Screwdriver is easy to use with a 2-position twist handle for better grip.

This electric screwdriver has a built-in Lithium Ion battery that can be recharged via a charging adapter that comes on the box. This tool is convenient for professional and regular household work. 

This electric screwdriver offers both forward and reverse functions along with seven adjustable torque settings. Additionally, it includes a set of 10 bits suitable for various screw shapes.

The cordless screwdriver is designed to be compact and lightweight, featuring two handle positions for added versatility. It also comes with a one-year warranty, showcasing its high durability. For further details and specifications on this device, you can refer to the product listing on Amazon's website, including the latest pricing information.

Features of wireless electric screwdriver

  1. Cordless and compact electric screwdriver.
  2. Includes 15 screw bits for diverse applications.
  3. Features a twist handle mechanism for increased accessibility.
  4. Equipped with a magnetic bit holder for convenient bit changes.
  5. Powered by a 4.8 V Nickel Cadmium rechargeable battery.
  6. Enables work in various orientations without tangled wires.
  7. Ergonomically designed handle with two-way grip options (L and straight).
  8. Comfortable ergonomic grippers for a secure hold.
  9. Dual functions for fastening and unfastening screws with forward and reverse modes.
  10. Ideal for DIY projects, household furniture repairs, and more.
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