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LED Strip Lights for Cars Interior

LED Strip Lights for Cars Interior

Now you can make your car interior more stylish and futuristic with the help of this LED strip light.  It can be installed in any car and SUV. This electroluminescent wire is flexible and made up of highly durable material. It is safe and does not emit any type of heat and radiation. You can also use this LED strip for other purposes like under cabinets, windows, and home decoration. 

The installation process is very easy, you can do it by yourself in a few minutes. It can be attached to the surface with tape or you can fix this LED strip in between the gaps. It takes power from the lighter port of the car. More feature and specification about this gadget is listed below and you can check the latest price from the Amazon website.

Features of LED Strip Lights

  1. It has high Brightness and less power consumption
  2. This LED strip has 3 modes of flashing.
  3. It can be used for cars, cabinets, windows, and decorations.
  4. This LED strip wire is flexible and can be easily bent into any shape.
  5. It is the most advanced LED strip light that shines 360 degrees.
  6. It is 100% safe and doesn't emit any heat or radiation.
  7. You will get 5m / 16.4ft of wire in one pack.
  8. Easy to install and stick with tape and glue.
  9. It comes in 4 different colors: Ice blue, blue, orange and red.

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