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    Best USB Mobile Charger for Motorcycle/bike

    Best USB Mobile Charger for Motorcyclebike

    This is the best USB mobile charger for your motorcycle. Now you can charge your mobile phone while riding your bike. It is compact and easy to install on any of your motorcycles. This charger has 3 ports: 2 USB and 1 12V Accessory Socket. All the port comes with a waterproof cap which protects the device from rain and water splash. It is also equipped with an on/off button with bright red led light. 

    It is a must-have product for daily commuters, delivery boys, and bikers. The 12V Accessory Socket is useful to attach accessories like tyre inflators and many others. More features and specs about this gadget are given below and you can check the latest price from the amazon website.

    Features of USB Mobile Charger for Motorcycle

    1. Easy to install in any motorcycle with 2 brackets.
    2. It has a dual USB port to charge multiple devices at the same time.
    3. Both USB port comes with a waterproof cover.
    4. It also has a 12V Accessory Socket which you can use for an electric tyre inflator.
    5. It comes with all necessary installation brackets and nuts. 
    6. You can install it by yourself in a few minutes.
    7. It is made up of ABS material which is durable and long-lasting.
    8. The online rating is 4.4 out of 5.

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