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    LED Fidget Spinner Toy for Kids

    LED Fidget Spinner Toy for Kids

    This LED Fidget Spinner is a unique toy for kids. It shows amazing LED patterns of different colors. The LED fidget gadget is recommended for kids above the 3+ age group. It helps with anxiety or considers a mind-relaxing toy. This premium quality spinner rotates at high rpm smoothly and displays different patterns at different speeds.

    This fidget spinner has a built-in battery which is long-lasting. It is also a perfect gift for kids to play with. More features and specs about this product are given below to consider.

    Features of LED Fidget Spinner Toy

    1. The fidget spinner helps with anxiety and enhances focus ability.
    2. It is recommended for the 3+ year age group.
    3. Compact in size and easy to carry anywhere you want.
    4. It has a built-in battery and led light that glows when the fidget spinner starts moving.
    5. This spinner has amazing LED patterns.
    6. This gadget is made up of high-quality ABS material.
    7. It comes in multiple colors Red, blue, green, silver, and golden.

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