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    Automatic Curtain Moving Machine (Open & Close via mobile app)

    Automatic Curtain Moving Machine (Open & Close via mobile app)

    This automatic curtain-moving machine will make your home smart in a few seconds. It is specially designed for ring tops or grommet type of curtains. You can control it with your mobile phone, Google Assistant and Alexa. It has the option to preset timings to close or open the curtain. This machine is also capable to detect the light and temperature to open and close curtains accordingly.

    More feature and specs about this "Automatic Curtain Moving Machine" is given below.

    Features of Automatic Curtain Moving Machine

    1. It takes only 30 seconds to install this machine to your curtain.
    2. It works with a mobile app that is compatible with Android and iPhone.
    3. You can control the curtain from any location on earth.
    4. It has a built-in light sensor, that works to open the curtain in the morning.
    5. You can also preset curtains timing from the mobile application.
    6. Automatic Curtain Moving Machine is compatible with Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant.
    7. It is capable to push heavy curtains up to 6 kg.
    8. It has a built-in rechargeable, long-lasting battery.
    9. It is compatible with ring top or grommet type of curtains.
    10. This gadget comes with 1 year of warranty.

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