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    Cloth Tag Remover Gadget

    Cloth Tag Remover Gadget

    When you go to buy clothes from a shopping mall then you see tags attached to the clothes. These tags are specially designed to protect the cloth from stealing. When these tags are passing through the exit counter then metal bars detect it and alert the security guard. That's why the person at the cash counter removes the tag before handover it over to the customer. These tags come in different shapes designs and sizes.

    The mechanism of this security tag consists of a pin that is secured by a couple of balls. When we touch the tag with the detacher machine then it moves the ball and the tag is unlocked. This complete mechanism work on the magnetic field. more features and specs about this tag remover are given below to consider.

    Features of Cloth Tag Remover Gadget 

    1. It is made up of high-quality Aluminium alloy.
    2. This gadget can remove all types of clothes tags.
    3. This tag remover is used by many retailing and EAS systems.
    4. Tag detacher can be installed anywhere on the counter.
    5. It has a strong magnetic field that works with safety tags.
    6. The size of the product is 73 X 35MM.

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