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    Mini GPS Tracker for Car & Bike

    Mini GPS Tracker for Car & Bike

    This Mini Car GPS Tracker is the perfect solution to protect your vehicle from being stolen. This small GPS can provide the live location of your car with your driving history. It also notifies you about speed alerts and Geo-fencing. You can easily connect this Small car GPS tracker with your mobile app to control all features from anywhere in the world.

    This small GPS Tracker has a unique feature to turn off the engine from the mobile app just in case of an emergency or your vehicle is stolen. More features and specification about this product is given below to consider.

    Features of Mini Car GPS Tracker 

    1. You can see live location on your mobile app with a driving history.
    2. Anit Theft alarm protects your car and provides notifications of stolen vehicle tracking.
    3. You can also turn off the vehicle engine from your mobile app.
    4. You will also get Daily statistics like Distance, time, and ideal.
    5. This is made an Indian product with a 3-year warranty.
    6. It is waterproof GPS and compatible with all types of vehicles.
    7. You can also track speed limit and Geo-Fence.
    8. It is also capable of detecting accidents and sending notifications.
    9. This GPS is compact in size and completely waterproof.
    10. The online rating of this product is 4.1 out of 5.

    The weight of the product is 220 grams only.


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