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    Special Long Handle Wrench for Car Jack

    Tyre Wheel Jack Wrench  Portable Long Handle Wrench

    This torque wrench is designed for the car jack. It helps to rotate the jack handle more quickly as compared to a manual wrench. It reduces the time and effort to change the car tyre with the manual jack. It also has a lock mechanism to rotate only clockwise direction. This is a must-have product for your car in case of any emergency.

    This torque wrench is made of strong steel with a plastic handle for better grip. More features and specifications about this gadget are given below to consider. Please remember to consider a cross wrench when you want to use it for car jack purposes.

    Features of Torque Wrench

    1. It has a length of 13.3 inches.
    2. This wrench has a plastic handle for better grip.
    3. It is specially designed to provide high torque with less effort.
    4. Made up of heat-treated solid steel with anti-rust coating.
    5. It is a highly durable and long-lasting product.
    6. It helps to lift the manual jack more quickly with less effort.
    7. It comes in two shapes hexagonal and cross wrench.
    8. The weight of this wrench is 260 grams.

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