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Convert any Bulb into Wireless Remote Control

Convert Any Bulb Into Wireless Remote Control

Now you can convert any light bulb into an automatic with the help of this wireless remote control bulb holder socket. It can be easily installed in any B22 standard Indian socket. You can use it for LED, a fluorescent tube, or any other  B22 bulb. It is a lightweight, inexpensive gadget that makes your home smarter.

This wireless remote control bulb holder socket comes with 2 IR remotes to control the on/off function. Now you don't have to reach the switchboard to access the light. More features and specs about this gadget are given below to consider. You can also check the latest price from amazon.

Features Wireless Remote Control Bulb Holder Socket

  1. It can fit into an existing bulb holder.
  2. This gadget comes with 2 remote control switches.
  3. Easy to install in the standard Indian bulb holder.
  4. It can be used for bulbs, tube lights, fans, and lamps.
  5. It is not recommended to be used with heavy electronics.
  6. Lightweight and easy to operate.
  7. Plug and play into any B22 holder.
  8. Suitable for bedroom, hall, and garage.
  9. It is made in Indian gadgets.
  10. The weight of this gadget is 200 grams.

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