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    Car Armrest with wireless Mobile Charging

    Car Armrest with wireless Mobile Charging

    A car armrest is an important accessory for your car because it supports your car and prevents muscle fatigue. Many Indian cars don't have any armrest pre-installed but you can solve this problem by installing this high-quality armrest with wireless mobile charging. It comes with universal fitment for all available cars in India.

    This armrest has a big storage compartment which you can use to keep all the important stuff like mobile, wallet, keys, and many more. You can also adjust the height of this armrest according to your requirement. More features and specs about this product are given below to consider.

    Features of Car Armrest with wireless Mobile Charging

    1. This armrest is made up of stainless steel bracket with a soft cousin at the top.
    2. It helps to provide good support to the elbow during long highway journeys.
    3. Large storage can keep multiple items like wallets, mobile keys, and other stuff.
    4. Easy to install on both sides of the front seat and you can also adjust the height.
    5. It is equipped with wireless charger power by a 1-meter long cable which you can connect to the car USB port.
    6. Wireless charging is compatible with all mobile phones having this feature.
    7. Universal fitment on any of the cars, SUVs, MPV, and pickup trucks.

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