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    Cool LED light for Helmet with Wireless Remote & Turn Indicators

    Cool LED light for Helmet with Wireless Remote & Turn Indicators

    This cool LED helmet light is a must-have gadget for bikes and cyclists. It improves your vehicle visibility during the night. You can install this light on any type of helmet available. Helmet led light comes with a wireless remote, which you can install on the handlebar for quick access. 

    It has a few modes of lighting and is also equipped with a gravity sensor, that can be activated by turning your head left or right. If you consider yourself a rider then you should consider this product. More features and specs about these gadgets are given below.

    Features of Helmet LED Light

    1. It provides better visibility on the road and prevents accidents.
    2. It comes with a wireless remote that can be installed on the handlebar.
    3. This helmet light has turn indicators that can be activated by a remote or gravity sensor.
    4. It has 5 lighting modes (full brightness, Slow Flash, Fast Flash, Turn Left, and Turn Right)
    5. This helmet light has a built-in battery of 500 mah that can be recharged easily.
    6. Battery backup of this led light is 5-8 hours after a full charge.
    7. This light is waterproof and can be used in all weather conditions.
    8. Easy to install on any helmet and no tool required.

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