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    Digital OCR Language Translator Pen with LCD Display

    Now you have a handy translator pen that can turn written or spoken words into different languages. It works for 112 languages and has a touchscreen to make it easy to use.

    Digital OCR Language Translator Pen with LCD Display

    You can use it with books, newspapers, or even when listening to foreign languages. A permanent, paperless, effortless, and environment-friendly way of taking notes. Just scan the lines, then optionally save the texts in the pen, or transfer them in an editable form to a smartphone and laptop. 

    This translator pen does more than just translate – it reads text out loud in English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Russian. It's a useful tool for students, language learners, business people, tourists, or anyone who wants to understand books and newspapers in a foreign language. 

     It also has features like two-way instant voice translation and supports 112+ languages with mutual real-time translations online(with constant free software OTA upgrade for life to enrich more languages and features). More features and specs are listed below to consider.

    Features of Digital OCR Language Translator Pen 

    1.  This translator pen is affordable but has more features than electronic interpreters.
    2. It works offline and scans and translates in multiple languages with 98.8% accuracy.
    3. Ideal for students, language learners, business people, tourists, or anyone reading foreign books.
    4. It has a text-to-speech feature and supports languages like English, Spanish, German, etc.
    5. Great for people with dyslexia or poor eyesight, and it even has a setting for left-handed users.
    6. Supports 112+ languages for real-time online translations with free software upgrades for life.
    7. Slim and portable, it's more convenient than traditional phone-shaped voice translators.
    8. Allows easy note-taking by scanning lines and saving texts on the pen or transferring them to devices.
    9. Works on various surfaces and supports text excerpts in 22 languages with fast scan speed.
    10. Additional features include voice memo recording, a sleek aluminum body, a high-definition touch screen, and Bluetooth connectivity for public use.

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