Digital Pen Scanner with 112 Language Translator

Digital Pen Scanner

Now you can scan any text with this mini pen scanner. It has many useful features like Dictionary, language translator, voice recorder, Bluetooth, and wifi. It has high accuracy to read the text and show it on the display of the pen scanner in real-time. 

This Digital Pen Scanner is useful for students to scan text quickly, check words' meaning, and translate text into multiple languages. It has a built-in battery, Bluetooth, and wifi for better connectivity. More features and specs are given below to consider.

Features of Digital Pen Scanner 

  1. This device is capable to scan 3000 characters per minute.
  2. It also has text to speech feature to read the text in real-time.
  3. A built-in translator helps to convert the text into a preferable language.
  4. It can be connected to the internet or you can use it as offline.
  5. This digital pen scanner also has a built-in dictionary to see meaning in real-time.
  6. It also has an mp3 player function and Bluetooth.
  7. You can directly transfer scanned text to your computer via USB cable.
  8. It has a built-in battery and you can easily charge this digital pen scanner.

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