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    High-Pressure Water Spray Nozzle for Car Wash & Garden

    High-Pressure Water Spray Nozzle

    Do you want to wash your car at home with high-pressure water? Then this spray nozzle can solve this problem. You can adjust the water pattern by rotating the head in a clockwise direction. This nozzle is made up of metal which means it is highly durable and long-lasting.

    You can use this high-pressure water spray nozzle for cars, bikes, gardens, and cleaning. It can be attached to a standard hose pipe available at home. Incline design connector help to keep the hope pipe connected during high pressure. More features and specification about this gadget is given below to consider. You can also check the latest prices from the amazon website.

    Note: It is a pressure controller, and doesn't boost water pressure itself.

    Features of High-Pressure Water Spray Nozzle

    1. This nozzle is made of copper and brass metal, making it more durable and rust-free.
    2. You can adjust the spray pattern by rotating the nozzle head to 360°.
    3. Easy to install with the standard hose pipe available at home.
    4. It can be used for washing your car, bike, sidewalk, garden, and other areas.
    5. This nozzle can spray water up to 10 meters with normal flow.
    6. Lightweight and portable to use for multiple usages.
    7. It is a flow controller and does not increase pressure itself.

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