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    Metal Ice Cubes 8-piece for Drinks (Reusable)

    Metal Ice Cubes 8-piece for Drinks (Reusable)

    This metal Ice cube can cool down your drink without melting into it. These cubes are made up of high-grade stainless steel which is safe to be used with edible items. It comes in a pack of 8 pieces, 1 freezer tray, and 1 tong. You can reuse these metal cubes many times for different types of drinks, shakes, water, and juices.

    There is 1 big problem with a regular ice cube is that it melts into the drink and spoils its actual taste. More features and specifications about this kitchen gadget are given below to consider. 

    Features of Reusable Metal Ice Cubes

    1. Put these metal cubes in the freezer for  4-5 hours.
    2. It will quickly cool down your drink without melting water into it.
    3. Made up of food-grade stainless steel, safe to use.
    4. Reusable many times and spillproof.
    5. The size of this metal cube is 1X1 inches.
    6. The online rating of this product is 4.1 out of 5.
    7. You can use this for all types of drinks and shakes.
    8. Diluted water may change the taste of your favorite drink.
    9. It is easy to wash and colder than an ice cube.

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