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    Foldable Knife Tool (Card Side)

    Foldable Knife Tool (Card Side)

    This foldable multipurpose knife has 2mm of thickness which makes it an ultra-slim utility tool. You can keep this compact knife in your wallet just like other cards. It is lightweight, rustproof, and comes with a safety lock. 

    You can use this multipurpose tool for camping, vegetable cutting, fruit chopping, and packages open. It is made up of high-quality stainless steel with a plastic body structure for better grip. More features and specifications about this multipurpose knife are given below to consider. You can also check the discounted price of this product from the link given above.

    Features of Foldable Knife Tool (Card Side)

    1. Compact in size and easy to keep in your wallet.
    2. It is made up of stainless steel with a plastic body structure.
    3. This multipurpose knife has a safety lock for protection.
    4. The thickness of this foldable knife is 2mm and the dimensions are  86 x 54mm
    5. The ultra-thin design is unique and takes less space.
    6. Easy to fold and unfold in a few seconds.
    7. Useful for cutting fruits, vegetables, and other tasks.
    8. This multipurpose knife is also useful for opening packages/couriers.
    9. Note: This product is not for kids (keep this away from kids).

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