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    Smart Backpack for traveling with USB port (New)

    Smart Backpack for traveling with USB port

    We should always keep our gadgets and valuable belongings safe while traveling. A smart backpack helps us to fulfill this requirement. This mini backpack has so many unique features like a USB charging port, separate compartments for gadgets, an anti-theft pocket, and much more. You can use it to keep tablets, ipads, mobile, books, and other items.

    This smart backpack is suitable for college-going boys and girls because of its style and space. In terms of durability, the mini backpack is made up of strong fabric which is water-resistant and scratchproof. A soft ventilated padding strap provides good back support and a mini zipper pocket on the strap for quick access. More pros and cons about this product are given below. You can also check the latest price from the amazon website.

    Pro & Cons of Smart Sling Bag

    1. Multiple Compartments to keep gadgets and personal belongings.
    2. This backpack has one anti-theft secret pocket on the backside.
    3. You will get a built-in USB charging port on the side of the bag.
    4. This smart sling bag can be worn in multi ways across the shoulder.
    5. There is a small card pocket on the shoulder strap to access easily.
    6. Double bucket design help to switch side from left to right.
    7. The dimensions of this sling bag are (height-11.8 inches, width- 7 inches).
    8. Made up of water-resistant material with high durability.
    9. The online rating of this product is 4.4 out of 5.
    10. The weight of this sling bag is 560 grams only.

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