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    Walnut Cracker Tool - Kitchen Gadgets

    Walnut Cracker Tool - Kitchen Gadgets

    Do you have any tools to crack walnut or still using the old hammer technique to open walnut? We like to introduce this walnut cracker tool specially design for nuts. It is made up of high-strength stainless steel which makes it a durable and anti-rust product. This nutcracker is easy to operate by youngsters, kids, and elders. 

    This walnut cracker tool is suitable for all sizes and shapes of nuts like whole almond, and hazelnut. This is a must-have kitchen gadget that saves your time and effort in doing this. More features about this product are listed below to consider.

    Features of Walnut Cracker Tool

    1. Multifunctional tool for walnut, whole almond, and hazelnut.
    2. Specially designed to crack nuts with less effort.
    3. Suitable for any age group E.g. elders and kids.
    4. It is made up of  Aluminium Alloy which makes it durable.
    5. This tool prevents the broken shell of walnut from spreading.
    6. It is a time saver tool for walnut kernels.
    7. A comfortable handle provides a good grip to crack.
    8. The online rating of this product is 3.9 out of 5.
    9. Suitable for different kinds and shapes of nuts available on the market.
    10. The weight of this product is only 290 grams.

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