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    Quick Stain Remover Roller

    Quick Stain Remover Roller

    Now you can remove stubborn stains from clothes with help of this stain remover roller. It is compact in size which means you can easily carry this product in your pocket while traveling. This stain remover is easy to operate by rolling back and forth over the stain until it removes completely. If you have kids then you will definitely need this product that saves your time and effort.

    This Stain remover roller is capable of remover stains of coffee, ketchup, sauce, cold drinks, lipstick, and many others. More features and specifications about this product are given below to consider.

    Features of Stain Remover Roller 

    1. It is used to remove stains of food, oil, beverage, and other stains.
    2. A unique ball shape design is capable to remove stains without a wash.
    3. This stain remover roller is portable and easy to carry while traveling.
    4. It can be used for different types of fabrics like clothes, carpets, sofas, and bedsheets.
    5. It has a capacity of 50ml which is more than sufficient to remove many stains.
    6. This stain remover is safe for clothes and you can use it without worry.
    7. Please follow the proper procedure to remove stains efficiently.
    8. This product is specially designed for effective decontamination.

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