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    Remote Control Fish Toy for kids (Water)

    Remote Control Shark (Water Toy)

    This RC shark is a unique gadget for kids. This shark toy is capable to swim in the water and you can control its functions via remote control. It is a completely waterproof toy with a built-in rechargeable battery. Kids will love to play with this kind of product. This shark toy is a replica of a real baby shark. 

    This remote control shark works properly inside the water. You can use this product as a gift present for kids who like this kind of cool gadget. More detailed specs are given below to read. You can also check its price and discount from the link given above.

    Features of Remote Control Shark

    1. This shark toy uses bionic movement to move forward and make turns.
    2. It has a built-in 300mah Lithium-ion battery that provides good backup.
    3. This shark toy can swim in a pool, bathtub, bucket, and water container.
    4. This product is waterproof and made up of highly durable material.
    5. It comes with a 2.4 GHz Remote control to access its control and features.
    6. You can surprise your family and friends with this kind of unique gadget.
    7. The weight of this product is 372 grams only.
    8. It can rotate 360 degrees and there is a small LED light on the top.

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