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    Smallest Gaming Laptop with Win 10 (powerful)

    Smallest Gaming Laptop with Win 10 (powerful)

    This is the smallest gaming laptop with excellent performance to fulfill your need for gaming. It has a good processor with 8GB of ram which is more than sufficient for gaming requirements. You can use this laptop for gaming, web browsing, movies, documentation, and other work. It has some dedicated buttons like a joystick and ABXY keys for gaming purposes.

    This powerful gaming laptop has a full-size Qwerty keyboard with all input and output ports. You can use it while traveling because of its compact size and design. Now you can enjoy games anywhere with this small gaming laptop. More features and specs about this laptop are given below to consider and you can check the latest price on the amazon website.

    Features of Smallest Gaming Laptop 

    1. This laptop comes with Windows 10 64-bit (operating system).
    2. The screen size is 10" with a responsive touchscreen.
    3. The resolution of the laptop is 1280X720 which provides an excellent viewing experience.
    4. This mini laptop comes with an M3-7y30 processor with HD graphics and 8 GB ram.
    5. The storage capacity of this laptop is 128 GB which is sufficient for daily usage.
    6. It has built wifi, a microphone, and Dual speakers.
    7. Excellent battery life provided by 2 x 4900mAh batteries.
    8. Lightweight and compact in size (460 grams).
    9. Perfect device for gaming, internet surfing, and watching videos.

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