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    Mini Power Bank for Type-C Mobile Phones (3300mah)

    Mini Power Bank for Type-C Mobile Phones (3300mah)

    A portable powerbank is an essential mobile accessory these days. If you don't like to carry heavy power banks then you can consider this mini powerbank which is compatible with all android phones. It has a built-in type C connector that directly fits into the mobile phone and starts charging. Now you don't have to carry the extra cable with you while traveling.

    This mini power bank has a capacity of 3300mah which is more than sufficient to charge any mobile phone up to 50% depending on the battery capacity. More pros and cons about this gadget are given below to consider. You can check the latest price from the Amazon website.

    Pros and cons Mini Power Bank

    1. This powerbank is compact and Lightweight (55 grams only).
    2. It is compatible with all android mobile phones having type-C ports.
    3. You can consider it as an emergency battery backup.
    4. It has a capacity of 3300mah that can charge your mobile phone 50% to 100%.
    5. Charging depends on the capacity of your mobile battery.
    6. This mini powerbank has 8 layers of safety protection.
    7. Easy to carry in a pocket, backpack, and purse.
    8. No need to carry heavy powerbank and cables.
    9. You can use your phone comfortably while charging with this power bank.

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