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    Portable Paper Cutting Machine (manual) - Office Gadgets

    Portable Paper Cutting Machine (manual) - Office Gadgets

    This paper cutting machine is useful for offices, schools, companies, factories, and homes to Destroy confidential documents and papers. Nobody can read the paper after it passes through this machine. It doesn't require any external power to operate, you can simply rotate its handle to cut paper into small pieces. This machine is lightweight, compact in size, and made up of premium ABS plastic.

    You can cut 4 papers at the same time in this machine. Every company and organization is using this kind of product to destroy their secret documents and prevent data leaks. More features and specs bout this gadget are given below to consider. You can also check its price on the amazon website.

    Pros and cons of Portable Paper Cutting Machine

    1. This machine is capable to cut papers into 3 mm strips which are unreadable.
    2. You can use multiple papers at the same time.
    3. Made up of ABS plastic body and stainless steel blade.
    4. No battery and power is required to operate this paper-cutting machine.
    5. Easy to clean and no maintenance required.
    6. The weight of this product is 390 grams.
    7. The online rating is 3.8 out of 5.
    8. This Paper Shredder machine comes in different colors.

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