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    E-bike conversion kit: Convert any bicycle into electric

    E-bike conversion kit Convert any bicycle into electric

    Do you want to convert your manual bicycle into an electric e-bike? If yes! you have to check out this cool "Electric bike conversion kit" which is very easy to install on any type of bicycles like mountain, road, and commuter. It comes in 2 power options 24v and 48v.

    This E-bike conversion kit is made up of a strong aluminum alloy which is durable and long-lasting. You can assemble and disassemble it by yourself in a few minutes. It helps to speed up the bicycle with less physical effort. You can easily climb uphill on your mountain bike with this conversion kit. More features and specification about this product is given below to consider.

    Features of Electric bike conversion kit

    1. This modified electric kit is made up of aluminum alloy and ABS plastic.
    2. It comes with 2 power options to choose from (24V-36V 48V-60V).
    3. This E-bike conversion kit is compatible with all Mountain Bicycles.
    4. 200W Brushless Motor is powerful enough to boost your bicycle.
    5. You can easily maintain a speed of 18-25km/h without any effort.
    6. This kit is easy to assemble and disassemble in a few minutes.
    7. The friction wheel is designed to convert power directly to the tire.
    8. It also gets a Throttle Switch to turn the booster mode on/off.

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