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    Mini Solar powerbank Keyring for mobile phones

    Mini Solar powerbank Keyring for mobile phones

    This solar powerbank keyring has a built-in solar panel that converts sunlight into electrical energy that stores in a 1200mah battery. This device can charge your phone in case of emergency, although the charging percentage depends on the battery capacity of your phone.

    You will get 4 adapters to connect multiple devices like android, Nokia, iPhone, and cameras. It is also equipped with 3 bright LED light that works really well in dark situations. This is a must-have product for traveling, camping, and hiking. Now you don't have to worry about charging while traveling. 

    More features and specifications about this solar powerbank keyring are given below to consider and you can check its latest price on the Amazon website.

    Features of Mini Solar powerbank keyring 

    1. This powerbank is portable lightweight and easy to carry while traveling.
    2. It has a 1200mAh solar rechargeable lithium battery.
    3. This device comes with a few connectors to charge multiple devices.
    4. It has a 5V/40mA solar panel that charges the battery in 12-24 hours.
    5. You can also charge the battery through an AC adapter for 4 hours.
    6. This device can also be used as a LED flashlight.
    7.  The Output Voltage from this powerbank is 5.0V+/0.2V.

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