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    Best Foldable Camera Drone with 4K HD Recording

    Best Foldable Camera Drone with Wi-Fi and 4K Recording

    A camera Drone is a futuristic invention that helps creator to record videos from a certain height. This camera drone is one step ahead with a unique foldable design that helps to carry easily and take up less space in your backpack. It comes with a remote controller to access all its features listed below.

    This camera drone can record 4K videos (3840x2160 @ 15fps, 2560x1440 @ 25fps) and live video transmission on your mobile phone. This drone is perfect for kids who like flying gadgets and beginners to learn to fly a drone. More features and specifications about this product are given below to consider.

    Features of Foldable Camera Drone with Wi-Fi and 4K Recording

    1. Unique Foldable Design

    This camera drone has a unique foldable design which makes it portable and lightweight. It also comes with a carrying case that allows for keeping this drone safe while traveling. Propellor blades and extended arms are folded easily to make it really compact. 

    Its aerodynamic design, build quality, and affordable price make it a popular drone in the online market. This camera drone is perfect for beginners who want to learn video recording with a drone. 

    2. Dual Camera Setup

    This drone has dual camera setup 

    This drone has a dual camera setup to record 4k and 1080P HD videos with different angles. One camera is placed on the front side and the other is at the bottom to take an aerial shoot. It also has some cool camera functions like 90 Wide Angle Lens, Auto Follow Me Function, Panoramic Shooting, Selfie Gesture Mode, GPS Positioning, Obstacle Avoidance, Trajectory Flight, Double Shot, and many others.

    3. Safety Flying features

    Safety flying features of this drone

    This drone has built-in obstacle avoidance features to protect its body from a collision. When a drone detects any obstacle in its way then the joystick stops working and you need to change its direction. This is a must-have feature for every drone to prevent any accidents. There is a dedicated button on the controller to access the intelligence obstacle avoidance feature.

    4. Advanced Drone Controller

    Advanced drone controller

    You can connect this drone via WiFi and attach your mobile phone via a mobile application to see live footage and control its functions. It is capable to do 360 flips, emergency landing, hovering at a fixed height, trajectory flight, and one to take off and landing. This drone can be flown into a headless mode and you can control its throttle, speed, and direction of flying.

    5. Battery and Flying Time

    Battery and flying time

    This drone has four brushless motors attached to highly efficient propellers for quiet and longer flights. It has an excellent flying range of 70-75 meters and flying time is approx 15 minutes after a full charge. It is equipped with 1600mAh Li-Po Battery that can be easily recharged via USB cable. Remote control required 3 AA batteries to operate.

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