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    Magnetic Wireless Power Bank for iPhones (Fast Charge)

    Magnetic Wireless Power Bank for iPhones

    Now you can use your iPhone while charging and there is no need to attach any cable. This power bank has a cool magnetic feature that sticks to your iPhone for better alignment and fast charging. It is convenient to use while traveling with a single hand.

    This Magnetic Wireless Power Bank is specially designed in a way that it does not block the camera while using it. This feature is especially useful for vloggers and digital creators.

    This powerbank also has a mini stand that you can use to keep your iPhone stand in a verticle or horizontal position for, meeting video calls, movies, youtube videos, or enjoying OTT platforms. 

    This magnetic powerbank is compatible with iPhone 12,13 and 14 models. More features and specification about this gadget is listed below to consider and you can also check its current price from the link given here.

    Features of Magnetic Wireless Power Bank for iPhones 

    • This powerbank has a 5000mAh battery with quick charging.
    • A powerful magnetic connection is convenient to use.
    • Built-in Mobile stand to enjoy movies on the go.
    • Compact in design and has no need to carry any charging cable.
    • It gets a pass-Thru charging feature to charge the powerbank and iPhone simultaneously.
    • The online rating of this product is 4.2 out of 5 which is recomendable.
    • The Weight of the product is ‎219 grams only.
    • The battery type is Lithium Ion which is more durable as compared to polymer.
    • It comes with 2 years of product warranty.

    Final Verdict

    This innovative powerbank is a must-have product for all iPhone users because it simplifies the way we charge our phones. Yes, we recommend this product with a rating of (9/10).

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    Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored product review.

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