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    Wireless Microphone for Mobile Phone with Charging Case

    Wireless Microphone for Mobile Phone with Charging Case

    Are you a creator who records videos with a mobile phone and gets bad audio quality? This wireless microphone is a perfect solution to this problem. It is portable, lightweight, and comes with a dedicated charging case. It provides crystal clear audio up to a distance of 65ft which is more than adequate for vloggers and digital creators.

    This wireless microphone is compatible with all android phones having a type-c port. You have to just plug in the connector and turn on the mic to start recording. It is also equipped with multiple features like noise reduction, headphone monitoring, and charging while recording. More features and specs about this useful gadget are given below to consider.

    Features of Wireless Microphones for Mobile Phones 

    • You can connect this microphone to any android phone with a type-C port.
    • This wireless mic provides an excellent backup of 8 hours after about 1-2 hours of charging.
    • It can transmit audio up to a distance of 65 ft with a 0.009s delay in transmission.
    • This HD mic records 360° wide-range audio in all directions.
    • It comes with a charging case just like earbuds.
    • It is also available in single and dual models.
    • Suitable for vloggers, interviews, youtube, and making reels.
    • This microphone has 3-level noise reduction for better audio.
    • It comes with 1 year of warranty.
    • innovative charging port design with audio monitoring functions.
    • Amazon's rating of this gadget is 3.9 out of 5.

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