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Adjustable Wrench Tool for 5mm to 27mm Bolt & Nut

Adjustable Wrench Tool for 5mm to 27mm Bolt & Nut

This adjustable wrench can open any nut and bolt having a size from 5mm to 27mm. It is made up of high-strength carbon steel which makes it durable and protects it from rusting. This wrench is capable to open multiple shapes of nuts like hexagonal, pentagonal, square, triangle, and torx. It can be a useful tool for your home, car, and bike repair. Now there is no need to carry multiple wrenches of different sizes because this single wrench can do all the work itself.

This adjustable wrench tool is made up of heat-treated carbon steel that provides better torque and protects it from rust. More features and specs about this useful tool are given below to consider and you can check its accurate price from the Amazon website.

Features of Adjustable Wrench Tool for 5mm to 27mm Bolt & Nut 

  1. This wrench is made up of carbon steel for better torque & durability.
  2. Compatible with nut and bolt 5-15mm 15-27mm.
  3. Suitable for machinery, automobile, and home repair work.
  4. Smaller and lighter, two-way opening for maximum utility.
  5. By rotating the wheel knob you can adjust the wrench size.
  6. Dimensions of the product are 1.5 X 9.2 inches.

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