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Hidden Locker in Headrest for Cars & SUVs

This is a special car headrest that has a secret compartment inside. You can use it to hide important stuff like money, credit cards, and important papers. It has a lock with buttons that you press to open it, and the door is made of strong steel. 

Hidden Locker in Headrest for Cars & SUVs

The headrest comes in five colors: black, tan, dark gray, light gray, and charcoal. You can easily put it in any car or SUV, and you get to choose if you want it to be made of leatherette or cloth. This safe is made so you can get to your stuff easily in three different ways: using your fingerprints, entering a code on the keypad, or using a physical key. This means you can quickly reach your important things whenever you want.

There are more cool features and details about this gadget below, and you can find out how much it costs on the Amazon website.

Features of Hidden Headrest Locker for Cars & SUVs

  •  This hidden lock is made up of 16 gauge high-strength metal.
  • It gets a keypad password lock to open and close.
  • The smart way to keep important things safe while traveling.
  • Suitable for all hatchbacks, SUVs, pickup trucks, and sedans.
  • The door of the locker opens toward the passenger side for convenience.
  • Locked is secured with Leatherette material.
  • The dimension of this locker is  11" X 8" X 6".
  • Good storage space to keep money, wallet, jewelry, and other things.

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