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    Best Solar Air Vent to Keep Your Parked Car Cool in Summer

    Solar Air Vent to Keep Your Parked Car Cool in Summer

    When we park our cars under the sun during hot summers then it gets really hot from the inside and air-conditioning takes much time to cool it down. To solve this problem you can install this air vent exhaust that has built-in solar panels to take power directly from sunlight and rotate 3 powerful fans at high speed to emit all hot air from your car in a few minutes. This device is completely wireless and compatible with all the cars and SUVs available in the market.

    This air vent exhaust fan has a dual power supply from the battery and solar panel which you can switch according to your need. You will also get 3 dedicated buttons to operate 3 fans separately. More features and specifications about this cool gadget are given below to consider. You can also check its current price from the link given here.

    Features of Air Vent Exhaust Fan for Cars

    • It has a dual power supply with solar panels and a built-in battery.
    • This exhaust fan has 3 fans with dedicated buttons.
    • It helps to remove hot air and smell inside your car.
    • This fan is compact in size and easy to install in any car and SUV.
    • 4W solar panels generate electricity to charge the battery of this device.
    • It comes in two different colors (white and black), you can choose according to your car.
    • Perfect for those who park their car under the sun.
    • It will work automatically and there is no need to turn it on/off.

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