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2-in-1 Foldable Cooling Fan with Built-in Powerbank

2-in-1 Foldable Cooling Fan with Built-in Powerbank

This 2-in-1 foldable cooling fan is a must-have gadget for this summer. It will keep you cool and provide a backup of up to 24 hours. This device also works as a power bank to charge your mobile phone in case of an emergency. Due to its compact size, you can carry it in your pocket, backpack, or purse. It is suitable for traveling, camping, hiking, jogging, and gym.

This 2-in-1 foldable cooling fan also gets a small LED display to show the battery percentage. It is compact, handy, and comes with a neck cord to hang easily. More features and specifications about this product are given below to consider and you can check its current price from the Amazon website.

Features and specifications of 2-in-1 Foldable Cooling

  1. It gets a 6000mah big rechargeable battery.
  2. The power backup of this cooling fan is 6-24 hours.
  3. LED display shows the remaining battery percentage.
  4. It gets a USB port to charge any mobile phone.
  5. You can also adjust the fan speed from level 1 to 6.
  6. The head is 180°adjustable to place on a desk.
  7. Suitable for traveling, camping, hiking, and GYM.
  8. The Weight of the product of 249 grams only.
  9. Amazon's rating of this product is 4.6 out of 5.
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