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Smart Ceiling LED Light with Remote control Rotating Fan

2-in-1 LED Light Ceiling Fan with Remote Control

Meet the coolest Smart Ceiling LED Light with a fan that you can control with a remote. It's super convenient! The fan can spin all the way around to keep your room breezy. Plus, it has a special ring-shaped LED light with three lighting options: white, warm, and yellow. Installing it is a piece of cake – just pop it into any ceiling socket in your room.

This Smart Ceiling LED Light is perfect for your kitchen, bathroom, study, or even a shop. It's energy-efficient and gives off gentle, safe-for-your-eyes light. You can even adjust how bright it is using the remote control.

Want to know more? Check out all the features and details of this awesome product, and find out its current price on Amazon's website.

Features of Smart Ceiling LED Light with Remote Control Rotating Fan 

  1. This ceiling fan has a 360-degree rotation feature.
  2. The LED fan lamp has 3 adjustable color temperatures.
  3. You can adjust the wind speed and light temperature with remote control.
  4. It can be installed easily on any wall socket (E27).
  5. This 2-in-1 ceiling light fan consumes less electricity (48W/60W).
  6. The fan circulates the air in a 360-degree direction.
  7. It is suitable for small rooms, kitchens, and shops.
  8. The fan works silently because of the premium copper motor.
  9. LED light takes  48W of power and fan power is 13.5W.
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