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3-in-1 New LED Flashlight Everyone Needs for Outdoors

3-in-1 New LED Flashlight Everyone Needs for Outdoors

This newly launched 3-in-1 LED flashlight has all the features you need for outdoor. It has a powerful P50 brightest LED with a focus and flood function. This flashlight also gets a side COB light and softbox accessories to use this flashlight as a table lamp. You can simply recharge it with a USB cable and there is a hook at the back to hang this flashlight anywhere.

3-in-1 LED Flashlight gets 4 dimming options that you can use according to requirements. It is suitable for camping, hiking, tracking, or doing outdoor activities at the light. More features about this Flashlight are given below to consider.

1. Flood and Focus Mode

This 3-in-1 flashlight has a brightness LED with a long-range focus beam. It also gets a zoom option which is helpful to either spread the light or focus on a particular place. Now you can see clearly at longer distances at night. You can also change the intensity of the light with 4 dimming options from low to extremely bright.

2. Softbox Lamp Accessories 

This flashlight comes with softbox accessories that can be attached to the front and converts this flashlight into a table lamp. You can use this in a room or hang it in a tent, softbox helps to make the intensity of the light soft, and relaxing.

3. Brightest COB sidelight 

There is a COB light on the side that consumes less power as compared to SMD. It spread the light in all directions which helps to do important tasks in the dark situation. COB light is soft and suitable for reading, camping, and fixing your car at night.

4. USB Rechargeable

This flashlight has a built-in battery of 1200mah that can be fast recharged with any USB port of charging adapter, power bank, and laptop. It has an excellent backup and is specially designed for tough weather conditions.

5. Waterproof design with Hook

This 3-in-1 Flashlight has a waterproof design with a hanging hook at the back. You can easily attach this flashlight to a backpack, or tent easily.

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