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Powerful Electric Mosquito Racket You need for Home (Rechargeable)

Powerful Electric Mosquito Racket You need for Home (Rechargeable)

Does your home has mosquitos and you want to get rid of them? If yes! then you need to check this powerful electric mosquito racket for home that has some unique features to eliminate the mosquito quickly. This racket has a foldable design and can be used as a stand to eliminate mosquitos automatically. It has UV light with an intensity of 380-400nm that attracts flies, mosquitos, and other insects.

We know that mosquitoes cause serious diseases and using mosquito vaporizers is not 100% secure for humans. So the best way to solve the problem of mosquitoes is using this automatic racket. More features and specifications of this product are given below to consider. You can also check its current price from the Amazon website.

Features of  Powerful Electric Mosquito Racket for Home 

  1. It has a built-in UV light that attracts mosquitos and other insects.
  2. One charge will provide backup for up to one month in manual mode.
  3. It has a power of 3000V that eliminate mosquito instantly.
  4. This mosquito racket can be used as a stand or you can hang it on the wall.
  5. It can be recharged with a USB port in just 4 hours and provide a backup of 1.5 hours in automatic mode and 30 days in manual.
  6. This mosquito racket is portable and easy to use in your house.
  7. Amazon's rating of this product is 5.0 out of 5 which is recomendable.

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