Best Solar Powerbank for Travellers: Charge Multiple Devices On-the-Go

Best Solar Powerbank for Travellers Charge Multiple Devices On-the-Go

Do you have multiple devices that need to be charged while traveling, camping, or hiking? If yes! then you must have this Solar Powerbank which is specially designed for outdoor. This power bank has built-in 4 solar panels that take energy from the sun to charge itself. It gets a 25000 mah big battery with 2USB ports, 1Micro USB, and 1 Type-C to charge many devices at the same time. On the back, there is a bright flashlight that helps to light up the space at night. 

This on-the-go solar power bank is waterproof with IPX5 ratings. which means you can easily carry this in any weather condition. More features and technical specifications about this tech product are given below to consider and you can check its current price from the link given here.

Features of Best Solar Powerbank for Travellers

  1. High Capacity: The power bank boasts a substantial 25000mAh capacity, allowing for 2-8 charges depending on the device's power capacity.
  2. 4 Solar Panels: Equipped with one fixed solar panel and three removable panels, providing efficient solar charging. It takes approximately 25-30 hours to fully charge under direct sunlight.
  3. Special Type C Input/Output Port: Includes an additional Type C 3A fast charge port, delivering enhanced convenience and faster charging compared to standard solar chargers in the market.
  4. Bright LED Emergency Light (3 modes): Features a versatile LED flashlight with three modes. Long-press the ON/OFF button to activate the flashlight, press again to switch between steady, SOS, and strobe modes, and press the button once more to turn off the LED light.
  5. Lightweight and Portable: With a weight of 550g (including solar panels), the charger is designed to be lightweight and easily portable for outdoor activities.
  6. High-Quality Battery: Utilizes a 25000mAh Li-polymer battery, ensuring a long-lasting and reliable power supply for your devices.
  7. Multiple Charging Options: Supports various charging inputs, including Micro USB 5V/2A and Type C 5V/3A, accommodating different charging sources.
  8. Reliable Output: Offers dual output options: DC 5V/2.4A and Type C 5V/3A, enabling efficient and stable charging for multiple devices simultaneously.
  9. Compact Design: The charger's dimensions of make it compact and easy to carry during travel or outdoor adventures.
  10. Water-Resistant: Boasts an IPX5 waterproof level, providing protection against splashes and light rain.

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