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    Strong Num Lock with Steel Wire for Luggage and Helmets

    Strong Num Lock with Steel Wire for Luggage and Helmets

    Strong num lock with steel wire keeps your luggage safe and is easy to use. You can pick your secret code, so you don't need to worry about losing keys. The strong cable is tough and can bend, so you can lock your bags, luggage, helmet, cycle, and other things to stop being stolen when you travel. It's a simple and handy way to keep your stuff secure without the trouble of regular locks and keys, making it a must-have for your travels. 

    This combination lock is made up of the strongest alloy material that makes it hard to break and enhances its longevity. More features and specifications about this product are given below to consider and you can check its current price from the Amazon website.

    Features of Strong Num Lock with Steel Wire

    • You can set your own 3-digit password.
    • Suitable for helmets, luggage, bicycles, and other things.
    • Features a high-precision code wheel for accurate locking.
    • Utilizes an ABS high-oxygen code wheel for better performance.
    • Boasts a mechanical structure design for enhanced security.
    • The internal code lock structure ensures reliable protection.
    • Made with high-quality steel wire, approximately 0.15cm in diameter.
    • The steel wire can extend up to about 75cm (29.53in) for flexibility.
    • Named "Helmet Password Lock" and is crafted from alloy and PVC.
    • Available in the color shown in the picture.
    • Easy and damage-free installation.
    • Compact size (about 70x50mm) for portability.

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