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Best Car Interior Cleaning Gel to Remove Dust - DIY Car Detailing

Best Car Interior Cleaning Gel to Remove Dust

Now you can do car interior cleaning at home with this magical Gel. It helps to remove all dust and stains from your car interior in one go. You can use it for the dashboard, steering wheel, stereo buttons, AC vents, gear knob, glove box, cup holder and many other places.

This cleaning Gel has the sticky property to pick up dust easily from every corner which is difficult for vacuum cleaners, and brushes. It is the cheapest alternative for DIY car interior cleaning at home. 

This gel is also useful to clean other gadgets and electronics like keyboards, laptops, cameras, remote control, and mobile phones. We have listed more features and details below that you can consider.

Features of Car Interior Cleaning Gel

  1. This cleaning gel works on the dashboard, steering wheel, gear lever, and other interior parts.
  2. Super easy to use, just press it on the surface, roll it around, and the dirt sticks to it.
  3. This cleaning gel is reusable unlimited times until it gets dry.
  4. It has the sticky properties to pick up the dust easily.
  5. You can also use it for other gadgets like laptops, LED TVs, and other electronics.
  6. It's safe and eco-friendly, won't harm your skin, and has a pleasant scent.
  7. To keep it good, store it away from sunlight, keep it dry, and don't use it with wet hands.

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