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    Anti-Theft Solar LED Strobe Warning Light for cars

    Anti-Theft Solar LED Strobe Warning Light for cars

    This anti-theft warning light provides additional security to your car. Thieves will think twice about targeting your car when they notice a security system installed in it. It has a built-in red LED light that blinks automatically in the dark to scare off thieves and intruders. This device is powered by solar and can be placed easily on the dashboard or backside of IRVM. 

    This anti-theft device also has a light sensor to turn the red light off during the day.  On rainy days or when there's not enough sunlight, you can charge it using the USB port. The LED indicator will flash slightly while charging and stop when fully charged. It is made up of high-quality ABS material which is heat resistant.

    More features and specifications about this useful car accessories are given below to consider and you can check its current price from the Amazon website.

    Features of Anti-Theft Solar LED Strobe Warning Light for cars

    1. This device is available in the red and blue color LED options.
    2. It is powered by Solar light and doesn't require any power source.
    3. Buit-in Light sensor helps to blink the light only at night.
    4. Easy to install on car dashboards with double-sided tape.
    5. You can use a USB Charging port when there is no sunlight available.
    6. Lightweight and portable device for cars. SUVs, MPVs, and trucks.
    7. The cheapest way to protect your car from thieves.

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