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    Mini Powerful Inverter for Car with 3-pin socket & USB Ports

    Mini Powerful Inverter for Car with 3-pin socket & USB Ports

    Now you can charge your laptop and power electronics on the go with this mini powerful car inverter featuring a 3-pin universal socket. It's compatible with all cars and delivers a 220V output, ensuring you stay connected and powered up wherever you are.

    This car inverter has 2 USB ports with 2.4A of output, a car adapter socket, and a 3-pin universal socket for all electronics. It is compact, lightweight, and useful for multiple things.

    You can use the 3-pin socket for a hair dryer, mobile charger, laptop, vacuum cleaner, and any other electronic product. This device also gets multiple levels of safety like voltage, short circuit, and overheat protection. 

    More features and specs about this "mini powerful car inverter" are given below to consider and you can check its current price from the Amazon website.

    Features of Mini Powerful Inverter for Car

    1. Amazon's rating of this product is 4.3 out of 5.
    2. The weight of the product is only 400 grams.
    3. The unique cup-shaped design fits securely in your car's cup holder.
    4. Converts 12-volt DC power from your car battery into AC power.
    5. Suitable for running electronics, car DVRs, GPS, air pumps, and laptops.
    6. Features multiple sockets: cigarette lighter, AC outlet, and dual USB ports.
    7. Dual USB outputs with a total of DC 5V/4.2A.
    8. Offers various protections, including start delay, soft start, and a 25A/32V fuse.
    9. Protection against over-voltage, under-voltage, overload, overcurrent, overheating, and short circuits.
    10. Versatile for powering a range of devices.
    11. Convenient and space-saving design for in-car power needs.

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