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    Smart Digital Speedometer with GPS for Bikes & Cars

    Do you still use an old-style speedometer on your motorcycle? It's time to switch to a smart digital speedometer that has a big LED display to show vehicle speed in kmph and mph. It shows accurate reading because it has a built-in GPS. 

    Smart Digital Speedometer with GPS for Bikes & Cars

    This gadget is small, light, and simple to set up on motorcycles, cars, and SUVs. It runs on a USB cable that you can connect to any USB port. The head-up display instantly shows your vehicle's speed in a large, easy-to-read font. It even comes with a sunshade anti-reflective cover on top for improved visibility. 

    Check out the additional features and specifications below, and you can find its current price on the Amazon website.

    Features of Smart Digital Speedometer with GPS

    1. Real-time driving speed display with LED large font for easy viewing.
    2. Excellent accuracy with a fast and stable refresh rate.
    3. Equipped with a shading plate to ensure clear visibility day and night.
    4. Small and lightweight design for non-destructive installation, ensuring driving safety.
    5. USB plug-and-play feature for motorcycles, cars, and other vehicles.
    6. Color: Black; Material: ABS; Voltage: 12-24V, USB 5V.
    7. Speed units: KM/H or MPH (optional).
    8. Compact dimensions: 80 * 32 * 54mm; Weight: 45g.
    9. Package includes Headup Display, USB Cable, Anti-Slip Mat, and Manual.

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