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3-in-1 Bluetooth Laser Keyboard for Mobile Phones

Have you ever seen a laser keyboard that transforms your table into a keyboard? This laser keyboard projects keys onto a flat surface, allowing you to type much more quickly. It connects to your mobile phone via Bluetooth and is compatible with all Android, laptops, and iOS devices.

3-in-1 Mini Bluetooth Laser Keyboard for Mobile Phones

This Bluetooth laser keyboard comes with a built-in mobile stand on the top, ensuring that your phone stays horizontal while typing or enjoying your favorite movies and web series.

Furthermore, it features a premium A-grade rechargeable lithium-ion battery cell with a capacity of 2500mAh. This battery can not only power the keyboard but also charge your phone and other devices through its USB port. It's a definite must-add to your cool gadget list. Check out more features and technical specs listed below for consideration.

Features of 3-in-1 Mini Bluetooth Laser Keyboard

  1. Round button layout stops mistakes, unlike square key keyboards.
  2. Connects with Bluetooth 3.0 and USB Type C, and works with many devices.
  3. Power Bank: 2500mAh battery charges phones via USB port.
  4. Sound Adjustment: 5 sound levels are adjusted with "FN" and arrow keys.
  5. Brightness Control: 4 levels of brightness adjusted with "FN" and arrow keys.
  6. Enhanced Keyboard: QWERTY design for better accuracy.
  7. Works with Windows, iOS, Android, Mac, iPhones, iPads, smartphones, laptops, and tablets.
  8.  Easily switch between keyboard and mouse modes with the "INCLINE" arrow key.
  9. Convenient Charging: USB Type C port for easy charging.
  10. Adjust sound levels effortlessly for a personalized experience.

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