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Mini Foldable Camera Drone for Easy Aerial Video Recording

Tried out a small foldable camera drone recently – it's so tiny it fits in my pocket! The HD camera records decent videos, and it can soar up to 50 meters high. It's a neat gadget for tech-loving kids who want to dive into the world of drones.

Mini Foldable Camera Drone for Easy Aerial Video Recording

What sets this drone apart is its unique wrist-worn remote control. Complete with a joystick, camera buttons, and other flying options, it's a cool addition. You can even link your phone to the drone for live video streaming. We've listed some standout features below, and you can find its current price on the Amazon website.

Features of Mini Foldable Camera Drone with Remote Control 

  1. This drone has cool RGB lights that look stylish at night.
  2. It can do stunts like 360 flips and many more.
  3. This drone comes with a wrist remote control with multiple functions.
  4. You can see live video transmitted to your mobile phone.
  5. This drone has a headless mode to detect direction automatically.
  6. Fixed altitude and antishake function provide stable video recording.
  7. The foldable design helps to carry it anywhere you want.
  8. It has a gesture recognition feature to capture photos and videos.
  9. This drone takes 60 minutes to charge and 10 minutes of flight.
  10. Remote control distance is up to 50 meters in open areas or fields.

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